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Trent & Mersey Canal


Derwent Mouth to Willington - Map 1 of 6


  Willington to Brereton  Map 2 of 6

 River Trent Map 4 of 4

  GU-TrentLock.htm  Grand Union Canal / River Soar Map 4 of 5

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Vital Statistics

Maximum Dimensions

Derwent Mouth to Horninglow Basin, Burton Upon Trent: Length 72ft, Beam 14ft, Headroom 7ft

(Stenson Lock tight for 14ft beam & Weston Lock tight for 72ft length)

Burton Upon Trent to south end of Harecastle Tunnel: Length 72ft, Beam 14ft, Headroom 6ft 3ins

Harecastle Tunnel: Length 72ft, Beam 7ft, Headroom 5ft 9ins

North end of Harecastle Tunnel to Croxton Aqueduct: Length 72ft, Beam 7ft, Headroom 7ft

Croxton Aqueduct to Preston Brook Tunnel: Length 72ft, Beam 8ft 2ins, Headroom 6ft 3ins


Derwent Mouth to:

Swarkestone Lock 7 miles

Willington 12.25 miles

Horninglow Wharf 16.5 miles

Barton Turn 21.25 miles

Fradley Junction (Coventry Canal) 26.25 miles

Great Haywood Junction (Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal) 39 miles

Stone 48.5 miles

Stoke Top Lock (Caldon Canal) 58 miles

Harding's Wood Junction (Macclesfield Canal) 63.75 miles

Kings Lock (Middlewich Branch) 76.25 miles

Anderton Lift (River Weaver) 86.5 miles

Preston Brook north end of tunnel (Bridgewater Canal) 93.5 miles

Locks 76



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