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River Trent


Trent Falls to Gainsborough - Map 1 of 4


  Gainsborough to Newark Map 2 of 4

 West Stockwith to Retford Chesterfield Canal Map 1 of 2


Vital Statistics

Maximum Dimensions

Shardlow to Middle Lane Lock:

Length 81ft, Beam 14ft 6ins, Headroom 8ft

Meadow Lane Lock to Gainsborough:

Length 165ft, Beam 18ft 6ins, Headroom 13ft


Derwent Mouth to:

Cranfleet Lock 2.75 miles

Beeston Lock 7miles

Meadow Lane Lock 12 miles

Gunthorpe Bridge 22 miles

Fiskerton 29.75 miles

Newark Castle 35.5 miles

Stone 48.5 miles

Cromwell Lock 40.5 miles

Dunham Bridge 53 miles

Torksey Junction 57 miles

Littleborough 60.5 miles

Gainsborough Bridge 67 miles

West Stockwith 71.75 miles

Keady Junction 84.25 miles

Trent Falls 93.75 miles

Locks 12



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